[gdal-dev] Proposal to split this list into gdal-dev and gdal-users

Russell McOrmond russell at flora.ca
Wed Mar 3 11:07:47 EST 2010

On Wed, 3 Mar 2010, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> I have a few concerns with starting a gdal-users.

   As a user I appreciate the heads-up of the developer conversations and 
the who-is-who of the administrative conversations.  If the list were 
split into 3 I would try to subscribe to all 3.

   I've been a mailing list user for near 20 years, and my experience with 
list splits have tended to be negative.  They never quite work out the way 
the designers intended, and often end up making the problem they were 
attempting to solve (too many messages) worse as people subscribe to 
multiple lists and these multiple lists end up being sent the same 

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