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Mon Mar 15 04:40:57 EDT 2010

Hi Frank and list,

I have several questions which are not relevant to GDAL/OGR itself, but S-57

Wish any hint, thanks!


I'd like to know whether PRIM is as same as NAME_RCNM? If not, what's the
difference between the two?


I got some info via ogrinfo from a s-57 file(*.000). In a caution area
object(CTNARE),some fields are as follows:

PRIM=3---------------------------------------------------which means the
object's geometry is a face, right?

NAME_RCNM=130-----------------------------------which means the vector
record's type is edge, I guess. But the next three fields should exist with
a face vector record( chapter in S-57 Editon3.1 seems give this hint,
but I'm not sure it's true.)





And another two questions:


The field value in spatial records such as "NAME_RCID=2:25,413" has a prefix
"2:", does it mean the field belong to spatial record not feature record?


And why one is 25,and another is 413?Does it mean 25 is the ID in spatial
record and 413 is the ID in the whole record?


Thanks a lot!


Best regards,




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