[gdal-dev] Problem loading S-57 charts

Eggert Jon Magnusson eggert at gavia.is
Tue Mar 16 07:27:34 EDT 2010

Hi there.

I've got problems loading certain local S-57 charts exported
especially for me by a Hydrographic office into my application.  It
appears that when accessing a feature via GetNextFeature(), something
crashes.  I've tried the latest fwtools and the problem exists there,
as well.  This is probably something incorrectly exported in the S57
chart, zero pointer or some-such, and I can probably write myself
around this specific chart, but I'm concerned that the problem can pop
up at any time.

I'm not able to send the files, since they are not public, so I'm at a
bit of a loss - is there a way to get fwtools to generate a crash

My application uses Python, btw., and Gdal.VersionInfo() returns 1500.

Best regards, and thanks in advance.
Eggert Jón Magnússon
Software Engineer

Gavia | Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Hafmynd ehf - Vesturvör 29
200 Kópavogur, Iceland
Tel. +354 511 2990
Mobile: +354 698 8088

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