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Todd Smith smith.todd at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 11:45:59 EDT 2010


I am investigating adding JPEG2000 in addition to the other compression
schemes we use internally in our software, and I was wondering if anyone had
some information about which of the JPEG2000 implementations offers the best
performance in GDAL, and additionally, on its own generally. We have two
different scenarios where we would want to use the library with GDAL and
separate from it. As I googled this, my impression was that Kakadu was
generally considered to perform well, and was what other libraries were
compared to. So I guess I'll just get specific and hope that the group has
some insights :)

- In and out of GDAL, compare the performance of the different JPEG2000
libraries against each other. Which can decompress/compress the fastest? I
don't have to worry about moving any of the data over a network during
compression/decompression, so all I'm really asking is, if I have a big
beefy machine, which library will process the data the fastest?

- What about plain old ECW vs JPEG2000 (.ecw vs .jp2)? Again, which performs
faster for compression/decompression?

- As we investigate alternatives to JPEG and ZLIB compression (because we
like the compression sizes we get with jpeg, but we like the quality of
zlib, and yeah I know I'm comparing lossy vs. lossless so it's not a fair
comparison but...) what other compression formats would any of you recommend
that offer at least a 6 to 1 compression ratio, but also process very
quickly (inside and outside of GDAL).

Thanks for any help,

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