[gdal-dev] writing DWG/DXF

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 18 06:47:42 EDT 2010


Andreas Neumann wrote:
> yes - it is a read/write driver.

I have meanwhile checked out and tried it successfully. My use case is 
taking shape files with geodata (road networks, railway, land use etc) 
and converting them to DXF for a client of mine. I created a set of DXF 
files from my shapes and checked them in QCAD.

Sadly I only get geometries, no extra attributes ("DXF layer does not 
support arbitrary field creation."). I can work around this by creating 
one shape file for every type of feature, but I'll never get something 
like street names that way.

> There will be further work on this provider. If you (or someone else) 
> would have some money for improvements it would help as well.

Is not being able to convert something like a street name a fundamental 
problem of DXF, or is this something that could be implemented for a 
client willing to part with some money?


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