[gdal-dev] gdalinfo error 4

Chris Haste CHaste at airdata.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 10:31:39 EDT 2010

Hi Frank and list,

I am very new to gdal and seem to have a problem that I wasn't expecting.

I have a GRIB1 file that represents wind and temperature data. It was issued by the UK Met Office and contains GRIB bulletins wrapped in the WMO bulletin distribution envelope.

When I run gdalinfo (1.7.1) against this file I get the following error:
ERROR:  Couldn't find 'GRIB' or 'TDLP'
There were 4 trailing bytes in the file.
ERROR 4: SADISGrib1-0000-T+6.grb is a grib file, but no raster dataset was successfully identified.
Gdalinfo failed - unable to open 'SADISGrib1-0000-T+6.grb'.

Can anyone throw some light on this please?

I can attach the file if needed.

Thanks in advance,


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