[gdal-dev] field name in ESRI file

Oz Nahum nahumoz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 11:05:57 EDT 2010

Hello GDAL Devs,

I encoutered a small problem, where I don't understand why field names in
ESRI Shape files created by gdal, are truncated.
Here is a code snippet:

    field_LUC = ogr.FieldDefn()
    field_LUC.SetName('LAND USE CODE')

Yet, when I examine the output file the attribute table contains  a field
called "LAND USE C",
so 3 characters are missing.

Would be happy to know what am I doing wrong. Thank you very much,

Oz Nahum
Graduate Student
Zentrum für Angewandte Geologie
Universität Tübingen


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