[gdal-dev] Hi.

benang at cs.its.ac.id benang at cs.its.ac.id
Fri May 14 04:09:10 EDT 2010

Hi guys, I'm a new member in the mailing list. I'm doing some project that
requires me to read from a MapInfo GeoSet files and make a 3D
representation out of it. So when I read GDAL's description, I think I've
made the right choice about how to read from the GeoSet. And for the 3D
part, I will be using OGRE 3D. Here are some of my questions:

1. Regarding what I'm trying to do, am I on the right path? To be honest
I'm still a GIS-virgin. I come from a game development background so the
3D stuff is not entirely new for me. But about mapping, and all the GIS
stuffs, I confess that I know next to nothing.

2. When I first downloaded GDAL for my project, I used the original nmake
version of the project. But it kind of inefficient because every time I
need to build my solution, the GDAL will always do a clean build, even if
I didn't change any part of the code. Then I tried the VTP's Visual C++
Projects and see that it requires some dependencies. What libraries do
GDAL depends on? I tried googling for "GDAL dependencies" but none came up
that lists all the required dependencies.

3. In VTP's Visual C++ Solutions / Projects download site, I see that two
of the needed dependencies are libpng and libjpg. And I see that OGRE uses
the same dependencies. So to make it simpler, I want to use only one
version of those dependencies instead of using two (OGRE's and GDAL's).
So, what other libraries that they both use? (this is actually pretty much
the same with the second question because I can't seem to find the list of
GDAL's dependencies)

Thanks in advance guys. And nice to meet you.

Fare thee well,
Bawenang R. P. P.

"Kuaci is good. And coffee makes it better..."



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