[gdal-dev] HowTo build MrSID plugin for CentOS 5?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue May 25 16:10:22 EDT 2010

Hi all,

What is the best way to build gdal with MrSID support for CentOS 5?
How does one tell if it is CentOS 5.2 or 5.3?

The package manager installed:

(1/6): gdal-devel-1.4.4-2.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm              |  70 kB
(2/6): geos-3.1.0-1.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm                    | 265 kB
(3/6): unixODBC-2.2.11-7.1.x86_64.rpm                    | 835 kB
(4/6): netcdf-3.6.3-1.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm                  | 991 kB
(5/6): gdal-1.4.4-2.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm                    | 2.1 MB
(6/6): geos-devel-3.1.0-1.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm              | 4.8 MB

Most of these from the DAG repository. In addition, I have downloaded:


I'm not sure I need the Lidar file.

I thought there was a nifty tool/script for building the MrSID driver as 
a plugin, but I can not fine it. I suppose I can build it all from 
source, but that makes deploying it to production systems a pain.

Any help would be appreciated.

   -Steve W

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