[gdal-dev] DXF writing and layers

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Nov 1 06:52:48 EDT 2010


I am further testing the enhanced DXF reader/writer.

While testing the writer I wanted to use the new feature of specifying a
column in the source dataset that contains the layer name a feature should
end up in the destination dxf file.

My source is a Postgis table, and the layer name is stored in a column
called "layer".

I don't know the correct dataset creation option (dsco) or layer creation
option (lco) to specify the column containing the layernames.

I tried:

-dsco LayerName=layer
-dsco layer=layer
-lco LayerName=layer
-lco layer=layer

But no matter which of the above options I try, all my features end up in
layer "0".

If anyone has a hint how I could issue the ogr2ogr command so I can
specify the layer a feature should end up in, it would be much


Andreas Neumann

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