[gdal-dev] Problems with ogr2ogr and datum conversions

Anders Moe anders.moe at geocap.no
Mon Nov 1 09:40:11 EDT 2010

Hi everyone

My problem in general is that I can't seem to get datum conversions to work
in OGR. I  do something like

ogr2ogr.exe -f "ESR Shapefile" -t_srs WGS84 target.shp  fields_dd.shp

The source SRS is latlon/ED50. I have compiled proj4 with nadshift , I have
all the datum shitft grid files in the current directory, I have proj4.dll
in the currrent directory, as well as the GDAL_DATA files. Conversion from
GCS -> PROJCS work (not sure if the datum shift works), but not pure datum
conversions from one GCS to another.

There is no message output whatsoever when doing the ogr2ogr call cited
above. This is gdal 1.7.

Any help is much appreciated,

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