[gdal-dev] DXF Writer and labels: encoding, angle and anchor position?

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Nov 1 10:19:22 EDT 2010


Again some question on the dxf-writer, now with regards to labels:

* some of my special characters don't display correctly, e.g. the Unicode
2030 sign (german Promille sign) doesn't display (neither in the FME
viewer nor in Autocad Design Review) - some other "strange characters" are
displayed instead. Do I have to set an encoding for the target dxf? My
source Postgis table is in UTF-8.

* should label angle work? (in my case it doesn't)

* should anchor position work?

Here is an example OGR feature-style that I am testing:

LABEL(f:"Cadastra Cn,Arial",s:1.5g,t:"PVC 150 -6.96-",c:#FF0000,a:72,p:3)

In the above example, the label angle does not work - I am unsure about
the anchor position.

Thanks for any hints or info, if any of the above should be implemented or
if I am doing something wrong in my OGR feature-styling.


Andreas Neumann

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