[gdal-dev] Frank Eats Crow - or Fixing PixelIsPoint Interpretation

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Nov 16 09:40:15 EST 2010

Joaquim Luis wrote:
> Frank,
> Wouldn't this apply to the netCDF grids as well? GMT has always made the 
> distinction on the area vs point representation. The grids created by 
> GMT hold that information on the global attribute "node_offset". As for 
> other netCDF CF grids created elsewhere it is also possible to find 
> which model is used by checking the grid limits vs array size because 
> for the same limits the PixelIsArea model has one less row and column 
> than the PixelIsPoint.


The gdal/frmts/netcdf/gmtdataset.cpp code already examines the node_offset
and adjusts the geotransform accordingly.  It does not currently attempt
to expose the node_offset via the AREA_OR_POINT metadata item though it

I do not see the GMT format driver being pertinent to the RFC.

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