[gdal-dev] Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError with gdal14

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 08:19:21 EST 2010

2010/11/21 MarvinCO <marvin.offiah at googlemail.com>

> Which are the common DLL search locations? Eclipse doesn't give me any clue
> about how its starts the JVM, and which additional locations it may ask the
> JVM to search automatically. Process monitor also doesn't really give me
> any
> clue, it shows me mainly files from the System32 folder, which should
> already be part of the PATH.
For further info refer to the following document:

> What do you mean by setting the PATH environment of the javaw process? Is
> there any VM argument to set that?
I admit I'm not an expert in java. With C# we could probably use
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable for this purpose.

Have you managed to use Process Monitor I have mentioned before?

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