Re: [gdal-dev] Unable to use geom.ExportToWkt() in Python ?

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Tue Nov 23 21:50:00 EST 2010

That's strange, the docs show ExportAsWkt as being a method of a Geometry, as does the source code for the Python wrapper. Well, you would know best...

If I do spatialref.ExportAsWkt() it gives the WKT of the SRS, right? What if I want a feature's geometry? Would I need to generate it myself from the geometry type and iterating over the vertices?

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Subject: [gdal-dev] Unable to use geom.ExportToWkt() in Python ?
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Gregor at HostGIS wrote:
> Hey all. I am using the OGR binding for python, to open a SHP and print 
> a geometry's WKT. This works until I try to call geom.ExportToWkt() At 
> that time I simply get "Premature end of script headers" Running it from 
> the command line I get a segmentation fault.
> The code snippet:
>     driver     = ogr.GetDriverByName('ESRI Shapefile')
>     datasource = driver.Open(shapefile,0)
>     layer      = datasource.GetLayer()
>     spatialRef = layer.GetSpatialRef()
>     firstgeom  = layer.GetFeature(0).GetGeometryRef()
>     wkt        = firstgeom.ExportToWkt()


Geometries do not have the ExportToWkt() method.  This is a method on
the ogr.SpatialReference class.

Perhaps try:
   wkt = spatialRef.ExportToWkt()

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