[gdal-dev] GetProjectionRef() returning NULL

Rodolfo Bonnin rodolfobonnin at suremptec.com.ar
Mon May 9 10:37:38 EDT 2011

Hello all,

I'm working with a HDF5 dataset with Gdal 1.8.0, I open it with the
HDF5Image driver.
The image metadata is read OK from what I can see, but when I want to
execute the GetProjectionRef() method, it returns null, even if the
documentation says it wouldn't return any null pointer.

I've traced the null pointer to HDF5ImageDataset::CreateProjections(),
in line 562 it reads

poH5Objects=HDF5FindDatasetObjects( poH5RootGroup,  "Latitude" );
    if( !poH5Objects ) {
	return CE_None;

Since my HDF5 file doesn't have a "Latitude" dataset, the function
returns without setting the pszProjection variable, it remains null
and   is never being set as an empty string, as the GetProjectionRef
consist only in:
const char *HDF5ImageDataset::GetProjectionRef( )

    return pszProjection;  //

BTW, I used an unofficial CMake configuration file to build the
library, but in this case it seems the fault can't be blamed to the
build scripts.

Many thanks in advance.

Ing. Rodolfo Bonnin
SUR Emprendimientos Tecnológicos

Perú 345  Piso 5to Oficina "B" (C1067AAG)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. +54 (11) 4342-2976/84
rodolfobonnin at suremptec.com.ar

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