[gdal-dev] Warping an image from C

Bborie Park bkpark at ucdavis.edu
Tue May 10 13:07:25 EDT 2011

>> Are there any plans to expand the C warp API?  If not, would anyone
>> mind if I took a stab at it?
> I was going to answer : no, indeed there isn't any C warp API for the "full
> warping mode" (i.e. for what would be needed by the gdalwarp utility), because
> I know that gdalwarp.cpp (the source code of gdalwarp utility) use a few C++
> warp API, but I rechecked for confirmation and in alg/gdalwarper.h I can
> actually see :
> GDALWarpOperationH CPL_DLL GDALCreateWarpOperation(const GDALWarpOptions* );
> void CPL_DLL GDALDestroyWarpOperation( GDALWarpOperationH );
> CPLErr CPL_DLL GDALChunkAndWarpImage( GDALWarpOperationH, int, int, int, int
> );
> CPLErr CPL_DLL GDALChunkAndWarpMulti( GDALWarpOperationH, int, int, int, int
> );
> So I believe you can accomplish from C code all what gdalwarp does currently
> do. Do you need something else ?

Based on the first example in the Warp API Tutorial 
(http://www.gdal.org/warptut.html), GDALWarpOperation is a C++ class. 
I'm trying to avoid adding C++ code to PostGIS Raster's codebase so was 
wondering if there is a C version of the GDALWarpOperation class.


Bborie Park
Center for Vectorborne Diseases
UC Davis
bkpark at ucdavis.edu

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