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Assuming you want to convert B's projection to A's.

First, run gdalinfo on A.tif and save the part under 'Coordinate System is:'
in a file named 'A.prf'. This is the OGC's WKT representation of the Spatial
Reference System of A.tif

Then, run gdalwarp on B.tif with the following options. "-t_srs A.prf" to
specify the projection system. Specify the target extents using the -te
option. You can get the extents from the output of gdalinfo on A.tif. You
might also want to set the resolution using the -tr option and the
resampling method using the -r option.


On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 1:28 AM, Jonathan Greenberg
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> GDALers:
> Say I have two rasters, A and B with different projections, extents,
> and resolution.  I want to make B match A, such that the projection,
> resolution, and extent (filling in with some arbitrary value where
> there is no data) all match.  Is there a quick way to do this using
> command line gdal tools?
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