[gdal-dev] Having trouble compiling MrSid in GDALv1.8

Kirk McKelvey kmckelvey at lizardtech.com
Tue May 17 19:17:51 EDT 2011

I think you configured it correctly.

Although the MG4 lidar SDK can be made to read .las files, the GDAL MG4Lidar driver only knows how to read .sid files (and .view files - see docs).

I don't believe there is a way to read .las files using GDAL right now.  You'll probably need lasinfo from liblas or lidarinfo from the MG4 SDK, but these will be giving you different types of information...

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Thanks Kirk and Chaitanya,

It was indeed GDAL_HOME. I used double quotes around it and after removing it it is working.

LizardTeck provided some sample data. And I'm using it to check if my version of GDAL is correct.
I use gdalinfo to check the .sid file and it works. When I do a gdalinfo on the .las file it is not recognized.
When I do a gdalinfo --formats I see MG4Lidar, but the description states .sid

Does this mean I didn't configure it right after all?


2011/5/18 Kirk McKelvey <kmckelvey at lizardtech.com<mailto:kmckelvey at lizardtech.com>>
The line it is complaining about is almost certainly the following line, where MRSID_DIR is used for the first time.  Not sure how it gets 72.

What is your value for GDAL_HOME?  There might be some kind of quoting issue going on.  Also, I'm not sure I ever tested it with relative paths, so that could be it as well.

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Subject: [gdal-dev] Having trouble compiling MrSid in GDALv1.8

Hi all,

I'm trying to compile GDALv1.8 on Win7 using VS2008Pro.
So far I've added successfully GEOS, cUrl, ECW, Proj.4 and Xerces.

I'm now trying to add MrSid support.
I've downloaded the Unified Decode SDK v8 from LizardTech and changed this in my nmake.opt:
MRSID_DIR =    $(GDAL_HOME)\..\LizardTech-SDK\Win32

When I compile I get an error in line 72:
fatal error U1023: syntax error in expression   \GDAL\gdal18\frmts\mrsid\nmake.opt
I didn't changed this file.
Lines 64 - 80 are:

# Guard against conflicting configuration.
!ERROR The MRSID_DIR value is redundant or conflicts with the values of MRSID_RASTER_DIR and MRSID_LIDAR_DIR.  Please remove one of these values from the build configuration.

# If a raster path was not explicitly set, see if MRSID_DIR is one.
!IF EXIST("$(MRSID_DIR)\Raster_ESDK\include\lt_base.h")
!ELSE IF EXIST("$(MRSID_DIR)\Raster_DSDK\include\lt_base.h")
!ELSE IF EXIST("$(MRSID_DIR)\include\lt_base.h") || EXIST("$(MRSID_DIR)\include\support\lt_base.h")


What do I need to do to enable MrSid?



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