[gdal-dev] Ogr2ogr -flip_coordinates

Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Thu Nov 3 14:07:55 EDT 2011

Even Rouault wrote:

> Selon Jukka Rahkonen <jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi>:

>> Hi,
>> I am getting tired with GML3 and Northing/Easting coordinate order. There
>> seems
>> to be just two kind of GML3 available: either it is Easting/Northing but it
>> should be Northing/Easting, or another way round.
>> Is there already some hidden switch in ogr2ogr for changing the x and y
>> coordinate order?

> You're running into the coordinate order hell introduced with WFS 1.1 and WMS
> 1.3.0 ...

> I'd not say that the config options are "hidden", because they are documented in
> the "CRS support" section of http://gdal.org/ogr/drv_gml.html . Hopefully you'll
> be able to make some sense of it I've re-read what I've written and I'm aware it
> is not obvious to understand it ;-) The situation is really a hell. There are
> different conventions and not GML producing software agree on what should be
> done unfortunately. For example MapServer and GeoServer don't behave the same
> how to write the SRS for WFS 1.1 GML. I had created a ticket in MapServer trac a
> few months ago about that.

But what can I do with this file
http://latuviitta.org/documents/inspire_au.xml with a schema
http://latuviitta.org/documents/inspire_au.xsd ?

It is in EPSG:3067 which in really an Easting-Northing system but the file has written as Northing-Easting as if it were EPSG:25835.  EPSG:3067 and 25835 are just the same ETRS89 / UTM zone 35N but the latter is officially Northing-Easting.

> By the way, for the issue you reported yesterday about xlink:role, please file a
> ticket.

 I'll do it.

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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