[gdal-dev] KMLSuperOverlay in Google Earth

Kyle Shannon KShannon at gcs-research.com
Fri Nov 18 14:12:27 EST 2011

Thanks Even, I have a patch, but I can't test it here.  It is probably faster and easier for you anyway.  Thanks again.


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Le vendredi 18 novembre 2011 20:04:13, Kyle Shannon a écrit :
> I doubt they will change the spec, and I am sure you are right about 
> the many bad files.  I imagine that most people just checked the 
> output from his or her program in google earth and said "Good enough".  
> If no one gets around to it before I get off work and to a *nix 
> workstation, I will file a ticket and a patch.  It is probably safe to backport to 1.8 as well.
I was just looking at this. I'll notify you of the ticket when done. Testing will be welcome because I have a much older GE version.

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