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francesco francesco.pirotti at unipd.it
Wed Nov 23 08:00:31 EST 2011

I looked all day for information regarding the following problem, but 
found none, so maybe the list can give me a hand:

When using GDAL C API reading and writing ESRI hdr files (floating point 
binaries), the output header is very different from the header of the 
input file (see examples below).
 From GDAL documentation ESRI files should be written using the first 
header example.  Am I missing some very obvious thing here? -Problem is 
that some GIS programs do not recognize the header in output from GDAL.
Thank you for you time!
Francesco Pirotti

Header in INPUT:
ncols         2000
nrows         2000
xllcorner     424000
yllcorner     4550000
cellsize      1
NODATA_value  -9999
byteorder     LSBFIRST
NODATA         -9999

Header in OUTPUT:

    BYTEORDER      I
    LAYOUT         BIL
    NROWS          2000
    NCOLS          2000
    NBANDS         1
    NBITS          32
    ULXMAP         424000.5
    ULYMAP         4551999.5
    XDIM           1
    YDIM           1
    NODATA         -9999

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