[gdal-dev] Anyone against making OGR SQL 'SUBSTR' conformant with other SQL implementations ?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Nov 24 17:15:45 EST 2011

On 11-11-24 04:47 PM, Even Rouault wrote:
> Hi,
> The implementation of the OGR SQL SUBSTR(string, offset[, length]) function
> considers that the character offset is like the convention of the C language,
> that is to say that the first character is offset 0, the second one is offset 1,
> etc... All other SQL implementations I've found consider 1 as the first
> character, 2 as the second one.
> For details and patch, see http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/ticket/4348
> The only reason I'm reporting publicly here is that fixing that could break
> existing applications/scripts. The risk seems limited however because this
> function was introduced in 1.8.0 and happens not to be documented in
> http://gdal.org/ogr/ogr_sql.html
> So I think I'll apply the fix in trunk, and likely in 1.8 branch too. With a
> notice in the backward compatibility section of the NEWS file.

No objection here since this seems to be better than carrying an 
incompatibility for ever.

Daniel Morissette
Provider of Professional MapServer Support since 2000

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