[gdal-dev] Gdalinfo.exe is magic, why not bindings ?

Florent JITIAUX fjitiaux at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 08:21:35 EST 2011


first thanks for all tools and bidings.

I have a question about Gdalinfo.exe and gdal binding programs.
I have an USRP map but with some fields errors. When i try to load it with
the java Gdalinfo, the open failed (the dataset is null). When i use
gdalinfo.exe to read the map, the error mesage is the same but after
gdalinfo succeeds to identify the driver and get informations about the map.
I found the IdentyDriver method of Gdal class which is able to read the
driver of my map but impossible to find a way to read informations with the
java binding. That's why i say gdalinfo.exe is magic.
That's the same with Gdalbuildvrt. With the java binding it's impossible to
create a vrt because the dataset is null but it works with the .exe.

Is there a solution with the java binding ? I'd prefferd to do it with the
binding than launch a process.


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