[gdal-dev] Fastest way of reprojecting from VRT ?

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Fri Apr 13 07:36:30 EDT 2012

Selon Oyvind Idland <oyvind.idland at gmail.com>:

> I am currently using GDAL 1.8.0, and have found that reprojecting VRT
> datasets can be incredibly
> slow (several minutes in my case). I believe there are bugs/tickets related
> to this issue.
> I am only interested in reprojecting arbitrary datasets (or portions of it)
> into a screen size window, on the fly.
> What is the most optimal way of doing this ?
> Should I read the desired window first, and then reproject it ?

There are many potential causes that could explain an excessive slowness.
Without precise facts, it is hard to tell which strategy could improve that.

> - Oyvind

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