[gdal-dev] Getting VPF data via OGR java bindings

Billy Newman newmanw10 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 11:42:17 EST 2012

I am able to get VPF (vector product format) info and perform operations
(like convert to shape files) command line using ogrinfo and ogr2ogr.  What
I am wondering is if the java bindings for ogr support the same.

i.e. to get a list of layer names
ogrinfo gltp:/vrf/usr4/mppl/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia

Can I get a list of layer names using the java bindings?

i.e. convert to shape file
ogr2ogr watrcrsl.shp gltp:/vrf/usr4/mppl/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia
'watrcrsl at hydro(*)_line'

Can I convert a VPF to a shapefile using the java bindings?

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