[gdal-dev] PostGIS SRID conundrum

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On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 6:48 AM, Martin Chapman <chapmanm at pixia.com> wrote:

4.       I select the max(srid) where srid > 10000000.  If zero is returned 
then I  use that base number (10000000) and add a new entry to the 
spatial_ref_sys table using the proj4 text and wkt so all fields have a 
value…and my app name as the authority (makes me feel important J).  If a 
max above 10000000 is found then I take the max and add one and then add the 
new entry.Guys, the MAXIMUM

The MAXIMUM valid user value for SRID in PostGIS-2.0 is 998999 so please
consider using values in the range 910000..910999 for your custom entries.


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