[gdal-dev] Loading a scaled rawfile via VRT

anton.korosov at nersc.no anton.korosov at nersc.no
Thu Feb 16 13:42:12 EST 2012

Hi Solomon,

I believe you can just specify the following tag within the ComplexSource:

<SourceProperties RasterXSize="512" RasterYSize="512" DataType="Byte"
BlockXSize="128" BlockYSize="128"/> (of course setting the correct values)
In this tag you can explicitly indicate the type of the source.

For a more definite answer can you please give an example of the two VRT
files that you create.


> I have raw data stored as UInt16 that needs to be scaled by a
> (floating point) calibration factor and presented as Float32. I can
> successfully load the UInt data using VRTRawRasterBand and scale it
> using VRT ComplexSource. However, this seems to mean creating two
> separate VRT datasets and files.
> Is there any way to combine loading raw data and scaling to a floating
> point value into a single dataset definition?
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