[gdal-dev] Strange behaviour of gdal_translate with ECW on linux (libecw 3.3)

Jean-Claude Repetto jrepetto at free.fr
Tue Feb 28 02:28:03 EST 2012

On 02/28/12 02:15, andreaerdna wrote:

> - the 32-bit GDAL versions/builds 1.7.3 from www.gisinternals.com/sdk and
> 1.7.0b2 from FWTools 2.4.7 on 64-bit/32-bit Windows tested using
> gdal_translate without a "TARGET" creation option behave the same way
> producing an output ECW file of 164.417.131 bytes (with the same checksums)
> that is about 3 times bigger than that produced by the other 32-bit GDAL
> versions tested.

The default TARGET parameter value has been changed from 75% to 95% 
between GDAL 1.7.3 and GDAL 1.8.
So please allways give the TARGET parameter when you make your tests, 
and use the same TARGET for all your tests.

It would be useful if you can make your test image available to 
everybody, so that people can compare their results with yours. If it is 
not possible, use a freely available image, such as NASA BlueMarble.

Could you also test on Linux 32 bits ?

Best regards,

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