[gdal-dev] Strange behaviour of gdal_translate with ECW on linux (libecw 3.3)

Sylvain MAFFREN sylvain.maffren at crige-paca.org
Tue Feb 28 04:52:03 EST 2012


And thanks for your tests ! For those who want to make some tests with 
the same file than me (tiff RGB - 293 Mo),I published it on a FTP server :

Adress : ftp://interne.crige-paca.org
Login : gdaldevecw
Password : ftc65*gt

I also published in this FTP the comparative table of my tests and 
results. I agree with Jean-Claude. It could be great to make tests with 
the same original file and the same gdal_translate command 
(gdal_translate -of "ECW" -co LARGE_OK="YES" -co TARGET="90" -co 
DATUM="RGF93" -co PROJ="LMFRAN93" file_in.tif file_out.ecw).

I made some complementary tests on GDAL 1.9 (Windows-Linux-MacOSX / 
32-64 bits) and always get the same differencies...

Best regards,


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Le 28/02/2012 08:28, Jean-Claude Repetto a écrit :
> On 02/28/12 02:15, andreaerdna wrote:
>> - the 32-bit GDAL versions/builds 1.7.3 from www.gisinternals.com/sdk 
>> and
>> 1.7.0b2 from FWTools 2.4.7 on 64-bit/32-bit Windows tested using
>> gdal_translate without a "TARGET" creation option behave the same way
>> producing an output ECW file of 164.417.131 bytes (with the same 
>> checksums)
>> that is about 3 times bigger than that produced by the other 32-bit GDAL
>> versions tested.
> Hi,
> The default TARGET parameter value has been changed from 75% to 95% 
> between GDAL 1.7.3 and GDAL 1.8.
> So please allways give the TARGET parameter when you make your tests, 
> and use the same TARGET for all your tests.
> It would be useful if you can make your test image available to 
> everybody, so that people can compare their results with yours. If it 
> is not possible, use a freely available image, such as NASA BlueMarble.
> Could you also test on Linux 32 bits ?
> Best regards,
> Jean-Claude
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