[gdal-dev] Problem to compile in Lucid with Spatialite 3.0 and gdal 1.9

Thomas Gratier osgeo.mailinglist at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 14:07:57 EST 2012


Even, concerning the sqlite, it was a mistake from me when writing. The
version was the 3.7.10 (and not the 3.3.10)
It was done to check if a more recent of sqlite3 could solve my problem.

At the end, the choosen solution I've done was the one recommended by Sandro

I've reverted sqlite to version 3.6.22 default package
I've compiled libspatialite
./configure --disable-geocallbacks
After, it was smooth for all the other libs e.g spatialite-tools 3.0.0 and
gdal 1.9.0 and the related python bindings
I now know that amalgation is "bad" under Linux.

Thanks all for your answers


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