[gdal-dev] ogr to convert 3D to 2D with height as attribute

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Tue Jan 31 08:46:33 EST 2012

I've got a few 3D DGN files that wont successfully read into a 
proprietary GIS prog, but do read into QGIS (ie: ogr sub-engine) 
I have tried using ogr to convert the DGN to a DXF file, but that also 
fails to import into this GIS package.

I could write something to  pick through the DXF file, but I wouldn't 
want to re-invent the wheel.......

The DGN (hence also the qgis DXF) contains 3D lines. All I need is the 
line level and colour numbers, and all the vertice XYZ values as line 



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