[gdal-dev] Convert S57 to image with S52 rendering

Andreas Oxenstierna ao at t-kartor.se
Thu Jul 12 01:39:24 PDT 2012

Dear list

We need to produce background images (GeoTIFF, ECW or similar, to be 
used for WMS/WMTS services) from user-supplied S57 files with simplified 
S52 rendering in a web environment, i.e. server-side processing.
We think the following should work (on Windows 2008 Server):
1 OGR to read a S57 file
2 http://openev.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/openev/contrib/S52/ to apply 
S52 rendering
3 GDAL to create output image
but we cannot find any documentation, e.g. at 
http://openev.sourceforge.net/, describing how to glue the pieces 
together without any user interaction.
Before we start C compiling etc - will our workflow work?

Best regards

Andreas Oxenstierna
T-Kartan Produkt AB
mobile: +46 733 206831
mailto: ao at t-kartor.se

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