[gdal-dev] Tiling aerial photos

Paul Meems (Top-X) p.meems at topx-group.nl
Thu Jul 12 03:26:52 PDT 2012

Hi list,

I have several aerial photos and I use MapWindow GIS to view them.
MapWindow is already using GDAL v1.8

Instead of loading each aerial photo as an individual layer I want to
create a local tiles store of the photos.
I can then just load the tiles I need based on the scale and view. This
will most likely improve the performance.

The process will be something like this:
1. Get the filenames of the photos
2. Merge them into one
3. Create tiles
4. Put the tiles in a SQLite database

My first question: Is the above suggested process correct or should I do it
My second question: What GDAL functions should I look into to accomplish my


Paul Meems
The Netherlands
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