[gdal-dev] Problem reading shapefile via /vsizip

Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH Michael.Smith at usace.army.mil
Fri Jul 13 03:30:48 PDT 2012


This is GDAL trunk.

I will check with --debug on.


On 7/13/12 6:19 AM, "Even Rouault" <even.rouault at mines-paris.org> wrote:

>Selon "Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH" <Michael.Smith at usace.army.mil>:
>Do you use GDAL trunk, or 1.9.X ? It might be possible that fixes for
>bugs could have pushed in trunk, but I'm not 100% positive that it is the
>Did you try to turn "--debug on" to see if interesting messages appear ?
>If the problem remains, please open a ticket in Trac so I have
>opportunity to
>check that later.
>Best regards,

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