[gdal-dev] GDAL, Kakadu 7 & JPIP Streaming

Duller, Michael Michael.Duller at goodrich.com
Tue Jul 24 03:26:29 PDT 2012

GDAL Mailing List,


I am wondering if anyone has had success JPIP streaming with GDAL &
Kakadu 7.

We are looking to upgrade to Kakadu 7 (from 6.3.1) for the new UDP


I have managed to get everything compiled, with the JPIP support
included, however when I stream imagery I get invalid data the current
region I am requesting. The data I get sent from the server seems to be
from an invalid region on the image, resulting in major artefacts. 


I believe this is due to changes in kdu_window, as mentioned in
jp2kakdataset.cpp, but I have extremely limited experience in modifying
the GDAL Source.


The code changes I made are as explained here:

I have also uncommented line 59 (#define USE_JPIP). 


Any help would be much appreciated.


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