[gdal-dev] gdalsrsinfo "ERROR - failed to load SRS definition"

Piero Campalani piero.campa at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 06:59:37 PDT 2012

Thanks Even,
I suspected this, GML is still not that widely used for CRS definition

Unluckily I have strong reasons to use GML, so do you know if there are is
some developing in progress to support a wider range of projections from/to
the XML representation?


On 30 July 2012 15:33, Even Rouault <even.rouault at mines-paris.org> wrote:

> Piero,
> > Dear list,
> > (PREFACE: I was looking for a *gdal-users* list but I could see it does
> not
> > exists; I hope I am in the right place)
> You're in the right place. There's only one mailing list for GDAL users,
> developers, followers, fans, etc... ;-)
> > Any hint about the source of error?
> > Is there some restriction on the CRS definition in the XML form or am I
> > missing some parameter or is this a bug in the utility?
> Nothing wrong on your side or in gdalsrsinfo, but looking at the code for
> import/export support of the XML representation of SRS in the library, I
> can see
> that it only supports the Transverse Mercator projection in import, and
> Transverse Mercator and LCC 1SP in export. Here you have LAEA, hence the
> error.
> There's also another error, due to the +a and +b parameter being equal,
> this
> leads to an inverse flattening equal to 0. And in the code that deals with
> import, there's a test that forbids 0 as inverse flattening. I believe
> this test
> could be safely removed, as 0 inverse flattening is usually used for the
> sphere.
> Or perhaps the cleaner way would be to export the semiMinorAxis instead of
> the
> inverse flattening in that case.
> Well, the conclusion is that XML support for SRS has currently a few
> restrictions. So, unless you have strong reasons to use the XML
> representation
> of SRS, I'd suggest using WKT instead.
> Best regards,
> Even
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