[gdal-dev] Orfeo tool box and gdal

DmitriyS sazonov at scanex.ru
Fri Nov 9 04:29:32 PST 2012

Hello, dear developers. I wish to build OTB v.3.14 with gdal v.1.8.1 and have
several problems (Windows 7). I could generate OTB solution through CMake,
but ,bulding projects, got one mistakes, which for me is unresolved at this
moment. As an import gdal lib I set gdal_i.lib of debug version, and
according to source gdal must export class GDALJP2Box with the next
constructor: GDALJP2Box::GDALJP2Box(struct _VSILFILE *).
But OTB looks for GDALJP2Box::GDALJP2Box(struct iobuf *) and there is the
error of unresolved external. Ok, if I build OTB with gdal of release mode 
there are no problems, as in release it exports
GDALJP2Box::GDALJP2Box(struct iobuf *). However it does not help me any way
because I need integrate OTB in application which has already used gdal
v1.8.1 for a long time. In case I build OTB through gdal v.1.9.1 it is
allright. And I am surprised that in debug mode gdal v.1.9.1 exports
GDALJP2Box::GDALJP2Box(struct iobuf *), though its code has no differences
in that section compare to v1.8.1. I corrected  gdal v1.8.1 sources  to make
it export GDALJP2Box::GDALJP2Box(struct iobuf *) in debug, but this variant
produced memory leaks in library which I had never had before, though
application worked. Nevertheless it is intermediate solution.
Does anybody know what I should do?
Best regards, Dmitriy.

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