[gdal-dev] Multiple extensions in GDAL_DMD_EXTENSION ?

Oyvind Idland oyvind.idland at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:59:11 PST 2013

People *usually* want a list of extensions so they can automatically

> categorize the format of files on disk or to filter to only show
> extensions they think GDAL supports.  I find this practice abhorrent!
>  GDAL is based on the idea that file formats are discovered by
> inspecting file contents rather than based on extension and I don't
> want to make it too easy for applications to ignore this principle and
> revert to extensions.
In this case, its about filtering files in a GUI.

I agree that its probably a good idea to keep GDAL_DMD_EXTENSION as it is
(preferred extension),
and add GDAL_DMD_EXTENSION_LIST as alternative filtering options.

And, of course documenting the intention of these, and the behaviour in
GDAL's file probing.

- Oyvind
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