[gdal-dev] Issues with FileGDB support

quiztli at lavabit.com quiztli at lavabit.com
Fri Mar 15 00:33:35 PDT 2013


I have built gdal from source (1.9.2, latest stable) with Esri FileGDB
support included. This is specified during the configuration,

The configuration and build goes well and I can see that the fileGDB libs
get linked but when I check the format support with for example 'ogrinfo
--format' FileGDB doesn't show up. ldd shows that the binary is linked to
the fileGDB libs.

At this point I guess that the most likely explanation for this is an
error in the code, but I haven't checked it.

So, is FileGDB support working for you?

While I'm at it - there seems to be two slightly different releases of the
FileGDB library.

One hosted by Esri (the one I used and seemingly the one gdal is written
to use)

One hosted at SourceForge

The the Esri hosted code is version 1.2, whereas the code at SF gives 1.3
as version number. There are some minor differences such as filenames
which has to be manually tweaked to make gdal use the latter (although I
haven't actually tried it out myself ;) ).

Best Regards

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