[gdal-dev] Issues with FileGDB support

Martin Feuchtwanger feumar at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 15 11:10:12 PDT 2013

Don't know if this helps but, when i was using (not building) ogr, i had 
to specially select the filedb facility as an 'extra' during 
installation (or choose to do it later).

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On 15/03/2013 12:33 AM, quiztli at lavabit.com wrote:

> Hello
> I have built gdal from source (1.9.2, latest stable) with Esri FileGDB
> support included. This is specified during the configuration,
> --with-fgdb=/usr/local/FileGDB_API/.
> The configuration and build goes well and I can see that the fileGDB libs
> get linked but when I check the format support with for example 'ogrinfo
> --format' FileGDB doesn't show up. ldd shows that the binary is linked to
> the fileGDB libs.
> At this point I guess that the most likely explanation for this is an
> error in the code, but I haven't checked it.
> So, is FileGDB support working for you?
> ----
> While I'm at it - there seems to be two slightly different releases of the
> FileGDB library.
> One hosted by Esri (the one I used and seemingly the one gdal is written
> to use)
> http://resources.arcgis.com/content/geodatabases/10.0/file-gdb-api
> One hosted at SourceForge
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/esrifgdblinuxru/
> The the Esri hosted code is version 1.2, whereas the code at SF gives 1.3
> as version number. There are some minor differences such as filenames
> which has to be manually tweaked to make gdal use the latter (although I
> haven't actually tried it out myself ;) ).
> Best Regards
> quiztli
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