[gdal-dev] OGR and WFS axis order

Yves Jacolin (Free) yjacolin at free.fr
Fri Jan 31 00:52:51 PST 2014


I am testing ogr2ogr to read WFS services and create shapefil. WFS version 
1.0.0 is working as expected but 1.1.0 send data with y/x axis and store them 
in shapefile without taking this in account. Points are reversed in QGIS.

The OGR GML page gives some point about this and indicates two parameters:
* configuration option GML_CONSIDER_EPSG_AS_URN to YES
* configuration option GML_INVERT_AXIS_ORDER_IF_LAT_LONG to NO

Does it work with WFS format? Which kind of configuration option is it? layer 
or dataset configuration option?

I didn't find a way to manage this. Thanks for any hint!


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