[gdal-dev] Sample script idea: gdal_srsguess

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Mon Nov 3 03:10:17 PST 2014

Aaron Racicot <aaronr <at> z-pulley.com> writes:

> We played with something just like this last year (called projfinder):
> http://projfinder.com/
> That is just a simple demo application that was a proof of concept. 
Center the map where you think your data is
> from, enter in a sample X,Y from your dataset and it tries to guess what
projection your data is in.  Nothing
> fancy like parsing arbitrary file formats etc… just simple X,Y from your data.
> I gave a presentation on it at FOSS4G-NA 2013 (you can reference it here):
> http://reprojected.com/blog/2013/05/28/foss4g-na-2013-was-a-home-run/
> If you are interested in the code I can point you to it.  In the end it is
basically a simple web-service built
> around a PostGIS SQL query that does the distance calculations to
percolate up likely projections
> against the EPSG database.
> Aaron

Thanks Aaron,

I can't do anything with code but this service would deserve publicity or if
it is just a proof of concept, spatialreference.org could have a new tab for
projfinder http://spatialreference.org/.


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