[gdal-dev] generate raster "GeoTIFF" for given lat long bounds at particular zoom using GDAL

nicolas.cadieux at archeotec.ca nicolas.cadieux at archeotec.ca
Tue Dec 15 07:56:21 PST 2015


If you want a standard x and y, you will need to reproject using a 
projected coordinate systems like (WGS84/UTM Zone 18).  Then, you will 
get a square pixel resolution that is in meters.  If you use WGS84 
Long-Lat, grids or pixels are almost square at the equator but become 
more and more rectangular as you go North or South.


Le 2015-12-15 10:00, Gane R a écrit :
> How to convert Lat Long bounds to geotransform values for a particular 
> zoom in EPSG:4326
> I can generated a raster with width, height and the geotransform values.
> But for an Lat Long bounds at a particular zoom say highest 22, will 
> the xres and yres vary with location ?
> Gane

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