[gdal-dev] Metadata from GeoTIFF to ENVI

nguler at jlab.org nguler at jlab.org
Thu Dec 31 14:31:40 PST 2015

Dear GDAL Users,

I am reading a GeoTIFF file and creating an ENVI file. I don't want to use the
CreateCopy method but the Create method.

I tried something like the following to transfer the metadata:

   char **papszMetadataSet;
   papszMetadataSet = poDataset->GetMetadata();

But, it did not work. I am pretty new to GDAL and I would greatly appreciate
an example on how to transfer Metadata while creating an ENVI type file. I
would like to learn how to transfer the whole metadata and also selected part
of it.

Best regards,
- Nevzat

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