[gdal-dev] Need to resample climate data to very fine resolution

Morrison, Bailey Danielle bdmorri2 at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 13 10:12:02 PDT 2015


I am having issues using gdalwarp to resample climate data to a finer resolution. Each climate raster has been clipped to the extent of Alaska, and contain >300 layers (1 for every month from 1979-2010). The current resolution of the rasters is >1000 km and they need to be resample to around 33 meters, making the new files go from ~8 MB to 33 GB. I have been testing out gdalwarp on these files but so far I cannot get them to resample in a reasonable amount of time. I ran one for over 15 hours on my universities campus cluster and it never passed the 0% complete mark.  I need to be able to get each file done in less then 48 hours since that is the time frame limit on the cluster.

My current code is: gdalwarp /project/oa/akpaleo/climate/ccsm4/modern/reprojected/pr_Amon_CCSM4_amip_r1i1p1_197901-201012.tif -tr 33.945415050894333 33.945415050894333 -r "cubic" /projects/oa/akpaleo/climate/ccsm4/modern/resample/pr.tif

I don't know if I have written this out incorrectly to get the resample to work since I am new to gdal, but I believe this is correct.

Does anyone know a reasonable way to speed this process up (or get around the time limit issue) correctly without causing incorrect calculations to the output files?

I've attached a link to one of the climate rasters I am using.


Thank you,

Bailey Morrison
PhD Student
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
Global Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing Lab (GEARS)
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