[gdal-dev] Can I interpret GIBS ASTER_GDEM_Color_Index as elevation somehow?

Carl Godkin cgodkin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 06:32:18 PDT 2015

Hi again,

I'm interested in trying to use the "Script-level Access via GDAL" guidance
on the NASA "GIBS API for Developers" page:


The layer I'm interested in is "ASTER_GDEM_Color_Index" which is elevation

The site contains advice on how to customize a WMS service description file
for the multitude of data types offered and I came up with this:

  <Service name="TMS">

I made two changes in order to make it work properly.

1. I think that the resolution is actually 31m which I found here


2. The TileLevel is 11, which I believes follows from the increased

Anyway, the following command (adapted from one of the examples on the
page) works beautifully:

gdal_translate -outsize 1200 1000 -projwin -105 42 -93 32 my.xml out.tif

However, it produces four bands of a colored GeoTIFF, whereas I'd like
elevation values instead.

Is there some way to get elevation VALUES from this?

Normally, elevation values in the GDAL world come in a single band.  Did I
overlook another Layer name that has elevation values?  Or is there some
way to lookup elevations given the RGBA values?

Thank you very much,

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