[gdal-dev] Amplitude virtual bands for complex datasets ?

Julien Michel julien.michel at cnes.fr
Mon Jul 4 01:28:01 PDT 2016

Le 28/06/2016 à 12:39, Even Rouault a écrit :
> There would be likely changes to do in:
> - GDALOpen(), to detect a syntax like
> "DERIVED_SUBDATASET:Amplitude:original_datasetname" and create the appropriate
> dataset. Hum, or perhaps better, instead of hacking GDALOpen(), having a
> driver that would recognize this syntax and instanciate the proper derived
> dataset.
> - GDALDataset::GetMetadata( pszDomain ) when pszDomain equals "SUBDATASETS"
> -> with the issue I mentionned for drivers that already implement subdatasets
> and will not call the base method.
> Hum, or perhaps a better solution would be to have a new metadata domain
> "DERIVED_SUBDATASETS". Would solve the potential confusion between "natural"
> and derived subdatasets, and would probably require little/no changes in
> drivers. Would not confuse gdal_translate -sds. Could be used by mapserver
> unmodified. But would require QGIS querying this new metadata domain.
To check if I understood well :

I will create a driver that will recognize the 
"DERIVED_SUBDATASET:Amplitude:original_datasetname" syntax. This driver 
needs to now if "original_datasetname" is of complex type (to report it 
can open it), and will also expose the derived band somehow (can I 
benefit from the CreateDerivedBand API, and the pixel functions from 
Antonio ?). Also, "original_datasetname" can be a subdataset itself.

There should also be a mechanism that will report the existing 
DERIVED_SUBDATASETS upon query (this I did not get yet).

I am not sure if I can figure out how to do this, but I will try.




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