[gdal-dev] GSoC GDAL DWG Support [Week 8]

Борзых Александр Андреевич 191980 at niuitmo.ru
Sun Jul 17 08:25:37 PDT 2016


Blogpost link<http://gsoc2016gdaldwg.blogspot.ru/2016/07/week-8-report.html> (full copy of report is below).

1. This week I've done:

Libopencad changes:

- BlockReference is now handled properly.

- Added a new API to work with Dictionaries (NamedObjectDictionary XRecords can be got, nested dictionaries isnt supported right now).

- Every geometry now has a list of attributes (can be got by calling CADGeometry::getBlockAttributes()). This attributes are being got from BlockReference (every geometry in block reference has it's block reference attributes).

OGR CAD Driver changes:

- Basic spline geometry support added.

- CADRecode() function, which does recoding CAD file strings (usually they are not UTF compatible, so it does recoding it to UTF).

- OGR Feature Style now sets to PEN(geometry color). Thickness and dash-dot styles needs LineType information (libopencad doesnot read it).

- Fixed a lot of errors which occured in test_ogrsf utility.

2. Plan on doing next week:

Library code refactoring and preparation it for GDAL-trunk, map geometry attributes into Feature attributes. Remove C++11 code from driver code, fix windows build.

3. Blocking:



libopencad github<https://github.com/sandyre/libopencad>

gdal + libopencad fork github<https://github.com/sandyre/gdal_libopencad>
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