[gdal-dev] Python interface to wrapdateline

DeTracey, Brendan Brendan.DeTracey at dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Tue May 10 07:31:44 PDT 2016


Is there any way to access the wrap dateline capabilities of OGR from the Python interface? For example how to split the following polygon:

from osgeo import ogr, osr
srs = osr.SpatialReference()
p = ogr.CreateGeometryFromWkt('POLYGON ((160 1, -160 1, -160 -1, 160 -1, 160 1))')

Looking at the OGRGeometryFactory  source I see :
static void CutGeometryOnDateLineAndAddToMulti(OGRGeometryCollection* poMulti,
                                               const OGRGeometry* poGeom,
                                               double dfDateLineOffset)

but I can't see how to access it from Python. Would it be via an option to the ogr.CreateGeometryFromWkt?


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